An Individual Artist Grant

I am a watercolor painter and workshop instructor based in Cortland, NY. For 2020 I was awarded an Individual Artist Grant to create plein air paintings and programing during the summer and fall.

Plein Air Cortland is a series of painting demos, a paint-out, workshop and exhibit centered around painting outside in Cortland county. The project will start in late spring. I will paint large scale watercolor paintings in plein air. These paintings will be created as demos in 5 different locations around the county. The public will be invited to watch the demos. The idea is to paint 4 paintings in more rural areas of Cortland County that I am unfamiliar with. (1 painting will be in the Homer Green, to demonstrate an urban plein air painting.) In the summer I will have a workshop in plein air painting at Dwyer Park in Little York. Then in late summer I will host a paint-out at Lime Hollow. Anyone is invited to attend the paint-out. Artists paint around Lime Hollow at different spots and the public is invited to walk around and observe. In the fall, I will host an exhibit of the work I created in the demos as well as work other artists painted in the workshops and the paint-out. Each step of this project will be shared on social media and a blog on my website.

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