Ames Road

Local painter and instructor David Beale has been doing online classes and outdoor plein air sessions this summer. We work together in his frame shop and teach workshops together. I decided to join the group a couple times this summer. At the end of July I joined the group at one of the painter’s homesContinue reading “Ames Road”

Hoxie Gorge

On Father’s Day my little family drove down to Hoxie Gorge to spend the afternoon. I had been hiking here a few times and it was suggested as a painting spot by Jim Weiss. I chose a small watercolor pad, 8×8 hot press, in order to travel light. I knew I needed to pack lightContinue reading “Hoxie Gorge”

Call for Locations!

I am looking for locations to paint this summer around Cortland County. There are so many parts of the county I am unfamiliar with and would love some recommendations! The goal is to paint 5 large plein air watercolors in rural parts of Cortland. The public will be invited to attend the sessions. I willContinue reading “Call for Locations!”

What is Plein Air?

Plein Air, or “en plein air” is a French phrase meaning to paint outside. Though the idea of painting outside wasn’t a new one, it became popular in the mid 19th century – most likely connected to the invention of paint tubes and box easels! Plein Air painting was very popular with the French Impressionists.Continue reading “What is Plein Air?”

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