Hoxie Gorge

On Father’s Day my little family drove down to Hoxie Gorge to spend the afternoon. I had been hiking here a few times and it was suggested as a painting spot by Jim Weiss.

I chose a small watercolor pad, 8×8 hot press, in order to travel light. I knew I needed to pack light since there was hiking involved! It was a hot day but down in the gorge it felt cool.

It was very buggy and my attention was a bit distracted. I think I painted a total of 15 minutes!

I did a quick line drawing (no value sketch this time!) Then I applied some quick wet washes.

All my layers are quick and wet. I don’t have time to wait for them to dry.

I add darks in the water and definition to the trees. Seamus loves to paint, so my palette distracted him from the water! (He loves the water – mostly throwing rocks in the water.) Lightening, Holly and Mater keep me company.

It’s a bit of a mess, very much wet on wet. I don’t think I’ll add anymore to it. I like the urgency to it!

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