Ames Road

Local painter and instructor David Beale has been doing online classes and outdoor plein air sessions this summer. We work together in his frame shop and teach workshops together. I decided to join the group a couple times this summer.

At the end of July I joined the group at one of the painter’s homes on Ames Road. There were beautiful views and a pond. Denise had read my previous posts and suggested I come paint at her house. I’m glad it worked out so I could join the group there!

As always I start with a simple pencil drawing. I have been enjoying painting vertically and letting the water and gravity keep me loose!

I cover as much of the paper as I can with the lightest washes. Then I start to add in some of the darker areas.

Letting the paint drip down. Testing to see if this patch of yellow is dry before I work on the figures.

My set up. I was in the direct sunlight, but it’s the spot I wanted! It was my first time all summer painting with other people! It felt so nice to see friends and fellow painters.

Painting negative. The porch comes out because of the dark green behind it. With the vegetation in the foreground, the plants come out because of the darker blue water behind it.

some details

Working on pieces of the background. I make sure to put lots of color in the tree areas. I am not painting individual trees and leaves, but suggestions.

I thought I would touch it up once I got home but ended up leaving it be!

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